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Bobby Sherman Flashbacks

We all know Bobby has left a lasting impression on us, but he's also left a lasting impression on some of the celebrities he's worked with!!

Mitch Vogel
Mitch Vogel and Bobby Sherman in Absolom
Mitch Vogel and his wife Chris
Then - With Bobby in an episode of
Here Come the Brides called Absolom
Now - At the Hollywood Show
with his wife Chris

When I heard that Mitch Vogel and Donna Loren were going to be at the Hollywood Show in Los Angeles, I asked Charlyn to become a roving reporter and interview them to see what their memories of Bobby were. This is what Mitch said:

From Charlyn: This is from memory because I couldn't get my video camera to work at the time. I asked Mitch if he had any memories of Bobby that he would like to share with the fans. Meeting Mitch Vogel and his beautiful wife, Chris, at the Hollywood Show was a treat! He told me that it was hard to pick only a couple of memories because he had so many wonderful memories of Bobby. He said that when he was on Brides with Bobby, he was so kind to him. Back when Bobby was performing at Disneyland, he invited Mitch to go. Mitch said he was really excited to see Bobby sing the songs that he knew and loved. After seeing Bobby, Mitch said he was inspired to get into music himself. Another memory was at what he thought might have been his 40th birthday party. Bobby had stopped by on his way to work in uniform to surprise him, which meant so much to Mitch. Mitch recalls Bobby as being one of the most generous and kindest people he has ever met and he would do anything for Bobby.

Donna Loren
Donna Loren and Bobby Sherman Shindig publicity picture Charlyn and Donna Loren
Then - With Bobby in a Shindig publicity photo Now - At the Hollywood Show with Charlyn

This is what Donna said:

Charlyn: Do you have any special memories from Shindig with Bobby?

Donna: I remember that I was on a bicycle, like a two-tandem bike, and he was sort of nudging me on my side and we were having a lot of fun on that. He knew that I sang really loud so he was trying to distract me so we could both be heard! I hope you remember that, Bobby! You know I saw him in the 80s at a Shindig reunion party - that was the last time. That was nice. I hope all is well with you, Bobby. And if I ever need mouth to mouth resuscitation, I hope you are the one...ha ha!

Robbie Rist
Robbie Rist and Bobby Sherman in He Is My Brother
Ginny and Robbie at the Hollywood Collectors Show
Then - In a scene with Bobby from He Is My Brother Now - At the Hollywood Collectors Show with me in Chicago

When I helped Georgyne assist for The Brady Bunch at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Chicago, I took the opportunity to interview Robbie Rist about Bobby. Part of the interview was done at the show (which was recorded), but things got busy and we were never able to finish. So I e-mailed more questions and he typed out the answers...just wanted to mention that because part of the interview sounds like a conversation and part of it sounds like something that was just typed out. The full interview will appear in the Fan Club newsletter, but here's an excerpt:

Robbie: I have a sister who's 9 years older than me. When she found out that I was working with Bobby Sherman, she was a little like, "oh really? You're working with Bobby Sherman"? And I was also a fan. I've always been a sort of AM radio fan, so I knew who Bobby Sherman was. I was very familiar with his material so I was thrilled to work with him too. And I didn't have to go to school!

Ginny: So, working with Bobby...what was he like to work with?

Robbie: The guy was a total pro. Really sweet and funny. He'd been around the block a few times already by that time and it has been my experience that, the longer someone has been in the entertainment business and has nothing to really prove anymore, they tend to be much cooler.

Ginny: Did you have any interaction with him off the set?

Robbie: Well, the whole cast and crew stayed in the same hotel for six weeks. We would see each other around on our days off but, as he was quite a bit older than me, we didn't really hang out all that much. I do think we did a little singing together at the hotel club on a couple of weekend nights. But mostly he did his thing and I was off trying to catch toads.

Ginny: Okay I had a special request to ask you if you noticed Bobby's black bikinis under his nightshirt? Just kidding, I had to ask that because that's sort of a running joke in the Bobby world because, of course, we all noticed!

Robbie: He wore black bikini underwear? Hmmmmmm...I think used to see him around in black speedos at the beach...although I may be making that up. You Bobby fans have some dirty minds, don't you? Shame on you. ;)

Ginny: Thanks, Robbie. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this interview.

Robbie: My pleasure. My best wishes to all of the Bobby fans. It...er...Boggles The Mind...that he still has a following after all these years.

(Note from Ginny: It totally boggled my mind that he was able to reference one of Bobby's more obscure songs!)