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Flip - February, March and April 1971 (typed by Carol R.)

Mrs. Sherman Answers Your
Questions About Bobby!

Until a guy gets married, the woman who usually knows him better than anyone else is his mother. And since Bobby Sherman is not married, we went to his marvelous mother and took her many of the questions about Bobby that we're received from you in the mail. Here are her replies.

Part 1 (Flip - February 1971):

Bobby Sherman - Flip February 1971Q. Do you think Bobby will marry Patti Carnel?

Mrs. S. - I don't know, I really don't know. He sees other girls. I know of one other that he sees quite often.

Patti doesn't live too far from here and I happen to care for her a lot, and so does my husband, and she does come over here a lot, but so do a couple of other girls that Bobby used to date.

But he really doesn't have time now for marriage. I wish he did. I wish he could get married and settle down and have a home, because this is really what Bobby wants in life. But I don't know if it'll be Patti or not. If it is Patti, I will be very happy.

Bobby Sherman and his mother Juanita ShermanOne thing is for sure - they are not married now.

Q. Do you know of any guest spots that Bobby will be doing on TV any time soon?

Mrs. S. - Well, he did the Don Knotts Show earlier, and he's very excited about doing an episode of "Ironside". I've heard there's a possibility of "Mod Squad" and "Ed Sullivan" and "Johnny Cash." That's all I know of, and most of that isn't confirmed yet. And there's the ABC Movie Of The Week called "Zoom" which will also be the pilot for a series they hope to sell for the Fall 1971 season.

Q. Do you have any ideas of his plans for this Christmas?

Mrs. S. - I hope he's going to be here for Christmas. Last year, he wasn't, so we had our Christmas two days after Christmas. He's doing a concert in Japan earlier in December and there was talk that he might be in Puerto Rico for Christmas, but I don't know. I just hope he'll be here.

Part 2 (Flip - March 1971):

Bobby Sherman - Flip March 1971Q. Did Bobby ever serve in the Army?

Mrs. S. - No, he did not. He went down to enlist the day after he graduated from high school. He had injured his foot when he was younger - he broke the arch - and he would limp occasionally, but he played football all through high school. When he went down to enlist and they came to his foot, they asked him if it bothered him and he said "No, only if I walk too much." And they told him to see if he could get it fixed and then come back. So, we took him and they said yes, we could have it re-broken and it might fix it, but it might also give him a stiff foot for life, so he didn't do it.

Then, later, he came up for the draft and the same thing happened again.

I remember when I drove him down to enlist. He was so disappointed when they wouldn't take him. He wanted to be a soldier like his Dad was. I had tried to talk him into going into the Air Force, but he wanted to be in the Army like his Dad was.

Q. Does he speak any foreign languages?

Mrs. S. - He studied Russian. I don't know if he's kept it up, but that's what he took in college. He wrote it better than he spoke it. He had thought about going into languages or the foreign service or something.

Q. Are you related to any of the famous Shermans in history, General Sherman of the Civil War, for instance.

Mrs. S. - We have no famous relatives, except Bobby. Also, we are not responsible for Sherman Way, a street near our house. It was here before we were here.

Part 3 (Flip - April 1971):

Bobby Sherman - Flip April 1971Q. Is Bobby very much like his father?

Mrs. S. - Very much so. He's got a very determined way about him which my husband has. When either of them makes up their mind to do something, there's no stopping them. And they both have a very good sense of balance, not only in music, but in everything they do. They're both very one-track-minded about some things, too. And they both want everything to be perfect. Every little knob in Bobby's sound room here at our house is just right, and my husband's the same way.

I see more of my husband in Bobby now than I did when he was younger, and I'm not unhappy about that whatsoever. As long as he ends up being as great a man as his father is all I care about. They're even beginning to look more and more alike, particularly in the eyebrows and mouths.

Q. Is Bobby's godson – Darlene's son, Bobby – very much like Bobby?

Mrs. S. - He's practically the very image of Bobby. He even has his hair cut just like Bobby. And they both hit it off so well together. Little Bobby even acts a lot like my Bobby, but I don't think little Bobby is musically inclined, which Bobby already was at that age – little Bobby is 6. But his hair's the same color and he's got the big blue eyes.

Q. What are Bobby's feelings about religion?

Mrs. S. - He happens to be very religious. In fact, at one time we thought that he would be a minister. But religion is something that I did not force on either one of my children. I wanted them to grow up and decide for themselves. He's had an understanding of religions ever since he was about three years old, because we talked about it at home and he and his sister always went to Sunday School.